A Batteryless Computational Pocketqube Nanosatellite



Tartan-Artibeus-1 is a novel pocketqube form factor nanosatellite that operates with no batteries. Its power system uses capacitive energy storage and solar panels to run all of its main onboard systems, which include command and control, communications, power management, and software experiments. Our mission is to show the viability of batteryless pocketqube nanosatellites.

Due to FCC licensing challenges, Tartan-Artibeus-1 will not be launching, but we have open-sourced all of our software, hardware and mechanical design files as we iterate on the Tartan-Artibeus design. Take a look at our designs, and if you have an idea and want to get involved, contact us!

This project is the work of a team of Ph.D. students at CMU ECE in the Abstract research lab led by Brandon Lucia.

Learn more about our work on computational space systems .